Cima Touch Poised to Launch Disruptive Pro-Cap Alternative

Cima NanoTech Inc., a U.S.-based developer of transparent conductive film solutions, announced that it has entered into a joint venture with Foxconn Technology Group to deliver components for large format touch screens.

The two companies will sell Cima NanoTech’s proprietary Sante® ProTouch™modules through Cima Touch, the company formed under this joint venture, Cima NanoTech said in a statement.

“Having a full, in-house supply chain for large format projected capacitive touch solutions is an industry first…”, Jon Brodd, CEO of Cima NanoTech

Priced to Compete With IR

Sante® ProTouch™ multi-touch modules will be available in sizes ranging from 40″ to over 100″ and priced competitively at a small premium over similar IR solutions, according to Cima NanotTech.

Disruptive Touch Technology


What makes this disruptive is that not only can they offer a product that is competitively priced to IR (the most popular large format technology currently in use), but they can offer a “pro-cap” user experience at a price significantly cheaper than other projected capacitive solutions on the market.

The random nature of the transparent coating also means that there is no visible conductive wires, no moiré or color distortion.  It is also reported to be easier to integrate requiring less consideration of shielding and can be placed very close to the LCD panel making optical bonding unnecessary.

Foxconn Enters Joint Venture with Cima NanoTech

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